American Certified Hospital Administrator (ACHA)

Department of Management & Business Administration

Hospital administrator: a skilled professional responsible for the efficient management of a hospital’s day-to-day activities. Role: Involves strategic planning, directing, and coordinating health services to guarantee the seamless operation of the healthcare facility. Unlike physicians and registered nurses who directly deliver patient care, hospital administrators focus on optimizing the overall functioning of the hospital.

About the Course

The Diploma in  Healthcare&  Hospital  Management  (DHHM)  and  American  Certified  Hospital Administrator (ACHA) programs have been designed for students with sufficient background in basic healthcare, computing, and communication skills to develop them into adept healthcare professionals. This program focuses on hospital management at the undergraduate level, which builds skill and knowledge in advanced and current topics of healthcare management and hospital administration with equal importance to medical terminologies and project-based topics.


             The program fulfills the specified needs of middle-level administrators in hospitals or health care departments. This comprehensive program will provide a professional qualification and an insight into managerial function for those graduates who wish to take up hospital and health administration as a career.  It  will  also  be  of  immediate  benefit  to  those  currently  engaged  in  senior-level  hospital administration.

Eligibility Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in any faculty OR higher secondary level (12th Grade) qualification in a biological science-related field


Each subject carries 100 marks, and the assessment criteria is described in the detailed syllabus.


The minimum passing standard will be 50% marks on each paper separately for internal and external heads.



Course CodeTypeCoursesMark
BUS301FCPrinciples and Practices of Management100
BUS317FCManagerial Accounting Management100
HLT344CCHospital Planning100
HLT348CCMedical Technology & Procedures100
HLT352CCHospital Administration100
PRJ610PRJournal Report On Hospital Training100
Total Mark600


Course CodeTypeCoursesMark
BUS446CCHuman Resources Management100
HLT430CCHealthcare Laws100
BUS460CCInventory Management100
HLT470ECClinical & Non-Clinical services Administration100
HLT480ECComputer Fundamentals for Hospitals100
PRJ620PRProject Report & Viva Voce100
Total Mark600


Foundation Courses(2 Required)

Course CodeCoursesPre-RequisitesMark
BUS301Principles and Practices of ManagementNIL100
BUS317Managerial Accounting & Financial ManagementNIL100

Core Courses(6 Required)

Course CodeCoursesPre-RequisitesMark
HLT344Hospital PlanningBUS301100
HLT348Medical Terminology & ProceduresNIL100
HLT352Hospital AdministrationHLT344100
BUS446Human Resources ManagementBUS301100
HLT430Healthcare LawsHLT352100
BUS460Inventory  ManagementBUS301,BUS317100

Special Courses(Choose from the below)

Course CodeCoursesPre-RequisitesMark
HLT470Clinical and Non Clinical Services AdministrationHLT352100
HLT480Computer Fundamentals for HospitalsHLT352100

Project work(2 Required)

Course CodeCoursesPre-RequisitesMark
PRJ610Project-Semester 1BUS301,HLT344,HLT348,HLT352100
PRJ620Project-Semester 2PRJ610100
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