Why Medical Coding Industry shows 8% growth till 2020 ?

Why Medical Coding Industry shows 8% growth till 2020 ?

Medical Coding is now become a major part of healthcare industry as its helps a lot in documentation part, revenue cycle management and patient healthcare data management. Medical coders translates patient data into codes which is globally accepted. This system is monitored by world health organization and its certification and uniformity ensures by different councils like AAPC, AHIMA etc.


Now after covid pandemic all the countries started to adopt medical coding system to their healthcare management as its quite easy to make the processes easier and simpler. Moreover this system ensure the confidentiality of the health documents of each patients.


Medical Coding industry shows a growth of 8% in each year till 2030 as per the latest reports generated by the researches. Due to this job opportunities in medical coding industry also increases across the globe. As Asian countries are the main source for outsourced jobs, the companies in medical coding industry started more in Asian countries like India.


In India, when we look 2024 is also becomes a great year for medical coding industry. The job opportunities for fresh CPC certified graduates is around 10000 in the 2024 financial year.  Major companies like optum, episource, corrohealth, clarusetc increasing their employees by 2000-3000 in count in this year. There by the opportunities as medical coder is more to those who are ready to build their career in medical coding industry. The average salary for a medical coder in India starts from 18000 to 25000 per month. Most of the companies revise the salary after the probation period or after the completion of one year in the company.


Now a days there are numerous educational institutions which provide medical coding training to graduates to get their CPC certification. CPC certification is mandatory to get hired by most of the companies as medical coder. Graduates has to ensure the quality of training and the placement track of the training institute while they choose the certification training.


In Kerala, Arown academy is the one of the leading AAPC approved medical coding institute with a great solid 8 year experience in the training industry. They trained more than 10000 plus students in this duration with good result in certification. Also they provide placement support to their students after certification. The job location for medical coders in India is in the major IT cities like Chennai, Banglore, Kochi, Mysore , Trivandrum, Hydrabad, Mumbai, Noida, Coimbatore etc. Candidate who completed their medical coding certification and start their career as medical coder can settle their career in 4-5 years with good salary level. Also the opportunities to grow in the industry are more as the number of companies are more and requirement of experienced medical coders are also high.


So now this is the best time to become the part of this globally growing medical coding industry where opportunities are numerous across globe and more over the healthcare

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